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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order fresh herbs?

If you would like herbs to be shipped to you fresh, please email us with your request at reveriefarmllc@gmail.com.  We will send you an invoice that includes shipping specific to your region.  Since many herbs are ready for harvest during hot summer months, we need to take that into consideration and ship fresh herbs to you as quickly as possible. Most areas will require overnight shipping, and we will not guarantee quality if a longer shipping time is selected.  Once you have paid your invoice (instructions included with invoice), we will harvest and ship on the same day to ensure the highest quality and freshness.  Generally we require a minimum of a pound per fresh order, depending on the species.  Fresh herb orders need to be made BEFORE harvest time, so we can assure that you receive your herbs straight from the field.  It is best to contact us early in the year to receive an estimated harvest period.


Can you make a custom blend for me?

Yes! We are happy to try to accommodate custom orders made to your specifications such as: Unique tea blends, Compounded tincture blends, Special herb processing/handling requests, and Salves or Oils.  Please email us for details: reveriefarmllc@gmail.com.  Additional charges may apply.

I'm looking for a source of an herb that I don't see listed on your website, can you grow it for me?

Let us know if there is something you need, and we may be able to grow it for you.  Climate and soil conditions may hamper the growing of some species, but we do love a challenge!

I will need a large quantity of an herb when it becomes available.

Contact us early with your requet at reveriefarmllc@gmail.com.  Generally this means before March of the year you would like the herbs.  We do require a 50% down payment for pre-orders over 5 lbs, with the remainder due before shipping.  


How do I maintain herb quality after I receive my package?

Always store dry herbs and tinctures away from heat, light and moisture in a sealed container for the best quality and shelf life.  Fresh herbs are best kept refrigerated and used as soon as possible.  Tinctures and especially oils should be kept sealed and away from light and heat.  Take special care to not contaminate the dropper or bottle when dosing.  Medicinal oils are the most susceptible to spoilage, so plan to use them in a timely manner.

I have (insert health condition) and would like to know what you recommend to treat it?

We recommend that you consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbs or herbal preparations.  We do not prescribe formulas, tinctures or herbs.  Any information given on this website regarding traditional usage is meant for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional.


I ordered too much dried Calendula (or any herb), or I don't need it anymore. Can I return it?

Sorry, due to the delicate nature and strict quality control of our herbs, we can not accept returns.  If you have a problem with your order upon receipt, please contact us within 48 hours at reveriefarmllc@gmail.com.

I would love to visit the farm, when are your open hours?

We are happy to show you around the farm, but please schedule a visit in advance so we can assure that we have the time to dedicate to your visit.  We are not open to the public during any regularly scheduled hours.

What sets your herbs apart from the herbs that I order from some of the big companies online or the herbs I buy at my local store?

While we can't speak to the production and processing of herbs that you purchase elsewhere, we can guarantee that our herbs are seeded, harvested and processed by our own hands every step of the way.  We grow all our herbs using sustainable organic practices and never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We never use GMO seeds, and source all of our seeds and plant stock from only reputable companies.  Our herbs are stored in optimum conditions to maintain freshness and quality.  Our herbs are not shipped around the world to be packaged or sourced from other farms.  We do not sell herbs once they are past their prime- they get composted instead of packaged and sold.  We are a small family farm dedicated to our mission of high quality, sustainable, herbal medicine.  If you have any questions about our farm or herbs, please email us!