Reverie Farm is a woman-owned and operated small business and grow dozens of varieties of medicinal herbs- Chinese, European, American & Ayurvedic- sustainably in the loess hills of the Palouse Bioregion on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Troy, ID.

Our mission is to provide clean, potent medicine, produced mirroring native growing conditions when possible.  We focus on cultivating diverse communities of flora and fauna for a holistic approach to herb farming.  Much of our energy is channeled into nurturing a perennial backbone of various species that anchor, feed and restore the life of our rich Palouse loam. 

Reverie Farm LLC is striving for USDA organic certification on most of our growing sites by the summer 2018 crop.  We have never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides, or GMO seeds or stock on any of the land and take great care to ensure the purity of the herbs we grow.**

Our herbs are hand harvested at the peak of their development and minimally processed to provide you with the freshest, most potent medicine.  Please let us know what we can grow for you!  New species and varieties are always welcome.  See our Shop page for current availability.

**UPDATE Jan 19, 2018: The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is the certifying agency that serves as proxy to USDA personnel to conduct Organic Certification inspections in the state of Idaho.  They are currently not accepting applications for Organic Certification for an unknown period of time due to lack of funds and personnel required to carry out these inspections. We will keep in touch with them and wait to apply this year, while searching for private certifiers in the Northwest- we have contacted two in Oregon and have been given the same story.  Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon and we can certify as planned this year! Stay tuned...